How to draw a sketch plane

Hello, Ivy.

Is there only three orthogonal and perpendicular faces in the sketch plane? Can the graphics only be drawn on these three sides? Can you create a plane of any angle in the space?

Thank you

By the way, is there an eraser that wipes out some lines?

Hi @XXX, apologies for the late reply.

uMake supports a single point sketch plan and a two-point sketch plan (

When in Sketch Plan mode, you can tap “Edit” and move or rotate the sketch plan with more accuracy.

Let me know if this answers your question.

Hi Evi,

Is the Sketch Plane function available on the iPhone just like it’s on the iPad? Thanks :pray:t3:

Hey @Dash_Axle - sketch planes available both on iPhone and iPad. You’d need to press & hold on a curve to create a sketch plane.

Let me know if this helps.