How to cut body - sketch on surface - how to


I encounter several issues :
Cut a body ( see picture attached )
I have only few or less tools available, in any situation. No cut, no merge, no split body… may be I don’t have the proper version… I don’t know

So : how can I cut the part under the heart ?

When I try to draw a rectangle, in order to try to use that rectangle as cutting surface : I have a message requesting a tool I don’t have

Where are all the tools normally available in a 3D modeller ?

I read a lot of video… based on an old version, totally different from mine

I probably miss the essential thing, and don’t see something evident, but I really need help. Please

Best regards

I am trying to cut around the red arrow, and fill around the green one

Hi @ormaa,

Thanks for the feedback.

uMake doesn’t support booleans tools (subtract/union), but there’s a workaround in your case:

I would sketch the final shape first as a 2D shape, and then extrude the surfaces created of the final shape.

As a general note: uMake is a surface-based modeler, while Shapr is a solid-based modeler. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll find some differences when using each of these tools.

Let me know if you have questions.