How to add text to my design

I’d like to create text that can be extruded and added on a surface either embossed or ‘sticking out’ on the surface. Is there a text function? Do I need to import and then add to my object?
Thank you.

Hi @Gambum,

Currently, there’s no Text tool available in uMake.

That said, with the latest update it’s easier to import vector files, such as .SVG, just make sure to convert the text to outline/curves. Once imported, some adjustments would be required because of the differences in the graphic engines of each app.

Here are 2 workarounds:

On the iPad using Affinity Designer: You can create vector texts using Affinity Designer and import it to uMake, here’s a video workflow to demonstrate it:

On Desktop using Adobe Illustrator: Add a text, make sure to “Create Outlines” and import your SVG into uMake.

Hope that helps.

Thank you,

Hi Evi,

Thanks for this! I’ve been looking at adding 3D text to my comic, but would have been too difficult and time consuming trying to draw each letter.

For Christmas I’ll be buying a copy of Affinity Designer for the iPad so I can do this!

Many thanks!



I just tried doing it with Affinity photo on the iPad and it worked!! Woohoo! (I’ll still get Affinity Designer though).

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Happy it works for you @Kiwi! :slight_smile: