How do you create a cone and add vertices

I”m trying to create a a few basic objects just to practice using the interface, but I”m wondering what process one might go through to create a cone or a pyramid.

Once I have a cone I wanted to add vertices onto the surfaces creating multiple surfaces that can be changed.


Hi @Justin_Boyd ,

Thank you for posting your question and apologies foe the delay! For some reason this post was waiting for a review and was hidden.

To create a cone, the easiest way would be creating a circle shape, then create another circle shape / copy the original circle shape and drag it above the first one. Then, select the two circle curves and create a surface between them. Now you’ll have a tube, and to create a cone you can simple scale down the top circle.

As for editing the vertices of the cone - this is unfortunately not possible in uMake at the moment, but here’s another way to create a cone and adjusting its profile:

Create a diagonal curve / line > select the line > tap ‘Revolve’ and drag the pivot point to create the center to a cone. Now that you have a cone, you can edit the profile line to adjust the cone’s surface.

I recommend using the second method as it will be closer to what you’re looking for.

Let me know if this answers your question.