How can I hidden the grids & axis in this situation

Want to make an simple animation likes this


Hi @btd53,

Thank you for the questions.

  1. To hide the grid, lines and axis - open the video settings and then turn them off (you’ll see how to do in the begging of the video).

Note: view settings are saved per slide; if you want to copy there same settings to other slides, tap on the “…” button of the selected slide, and then ‘Copy Properties’ > select ‘View’ > Tap ‘Select Slides’ > select the slides you want to use the same properties.

  1. To create the animation you described you can either create two slides of the first frame and the last frame (as you did); or use the ‘Reveal’ animation preset and play with its configuration. To use it to show more than 1 animation, I’m playing the animation from the animation panel, and then quickly tap on the ‘Add Slide’ button, to catch the last frame (we will be adding a timeline handler to make this process easier); then, I just reverse the animation by changing the animation configuration of the second slide.

Let me know if this helps.


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