Hot Kettle - Part 1 issues with new uMake version

I’m trying to follow the ‘Hot Kettle - Part 1’ and it appears that the newest version of uMake doesn’t match.

I add the box to the circle and delete the curves. When I select the curve for the top circle, it shows the cylinder as segmented somehow, so now there’s multiple curves in that top circle.

I selected the four curve segments and grouped them but I’m still unable to extrude the lid of the kettle. I was, however, able to extrude each of those segments but had to specify a value to keep them all the same.

Should I have done that another way?

It did the same thing with the handles when I extruded the arc curves…turned each ‘plane’ into two sections.

Is there a way to combine those sections?!

This is my finished kettle to show the segments.


Hi @kevinmitts,

you actually did it right. WE changed some of the functional behaviors of shapes in uMake to support more shape options, so I’m glad you found a workaround to complete this tutorial.

We’re working on completely new tutorials, so things like this won’t happen again in the future.

As for combining - you can group them, but at the moment, we don’t support the “Union” command to combine the two surfaces all together.

Let me know if this answers your question.


Sure does, thanks!

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