High STL export resolution?

I’m currently in the 14-day trial and I’ve gone thru the videos and forums to see if you can export the STL in high resolution. Currently the export STL is low in polygon/faces which doesn’t give a smooth view in files.

Can Umake make high resolution STL files? Will this be added? If yes when?

image from another software to see faces/polygons

Hi @archroman,

Thank you for the feedback.

@Yaniv can you give your insights on this issue?

@archroman After discussing with @Yaniv we will prioritize this task (enabling control the quality of the geometry when exporting) in the next 3-6 weeks.

Thank you again for your feedback!


This is good news. I will continue to learn Umake in the meantime. I have quickly spotted their are some features that would be interested if not already implemented. A boolean operation doesn’t exist? As simple as having 1 object subtract from another object is not possible?

Thanks for the quick replies.

At the moment, boolean operations are not available in uMake. We know these are fundamental tools, but we decided that we should focus on completing core tasks that will enable us to focus on developing boolean tools. We don’t have an estimate date at the moment, but it’s at the top of our list.