Help with switching off pencil

I am using an IPad Pro with Penicl 2 and enjoying playing around designs. However I am getting confused with switching off the pen to able to select and object. Both the pen and my fingers continue to draw lines. It must be simple but my mind cannot sse the answer. Lol.

Hi @CJS,

When ‘Apple Pencil Mode’ is OFF, you will be able to draw using your hands and Pencil. When it’s ON, you will be able to rotate the camera view using your fingers, while sketching only with the Pencil. That’s the main difference.

Hope that makes sense.


Thanks Evi. I can’t see how to turn it on or off.



@CJS - here’s how:

Thanks for that. I now have working and also duolicate models to separate files. I now want to reduce the height only to be angled against the origanal to model an IPad stand an another on the bottom with a length past the holder bottom to rest the IPad on agaisrt. Doing this for my father as a soft folder would be too weak for his tapping control.

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This link does not help!

@Stefan_Johnsson Apple Pencil mode is under the ‘Settings’ (the gear icon). Scroll down the settings menu and tap on Apple Pencil mode. After that you’ll be able to navigate using your finger and draw using Apple Pencil.