Help with architectural drawing (walls and windows)


I’m drawing a small cabin that we’re renovating and I find it difficult to achieve what I wan’t. It was easy to draw to outer walls of the cabin (draw shape, edit lengths, use offset, extrude height). But I find it difficult to add walls etc. inside of this.

I’ve attached a video of the very cumbersome method I’m now using. How can I do this simpler? If I don’t split the surface like I do, before I extrude out the wall, everything becomes very weird, since some solid boxes are inverted etc.

Here is a video of my process so far:

Hi @eivindml,

Thank you for writing to us.

In any design software, there are many ways to achieve the same goal.

A general note: since in uMake, every intersected lines split each other, it sometimes can create unexpected results. Most time, it’s a faster way to 3D model.

Now, I assume you would like to add inner-walls, so in this case, what would be easier for you is to do the following:

  1. If the exterior walls are done, you can assign all of them to one layer and lock it, as you won’t change them in any way I assume.

  2. next to the floor plan, create 1:1 aspect-ratio rectangular wall with the the same height of the exterior walls and the thickness of what should be appropriate to your inner walls at your cabin. (draw a rectangle, pull it and apply the right thickness to it).

  3. Select all the lines and surfaces of that wall using the lasso tool and then tap on “Group”
    NOTE: Grouped objects prevent the lines of that group to split if they intersect with other lines

  4. Now, you can create a copy of the wall, move it inside your cabin and think about it as a “Lego”, just move and rotate the move from top view and snap it to any of the exterior walls. You can also stretch the wall (since it has a rectangular shape) to make it wider/narrower.

How to accurately snap? Use the pivot point for the grouped wall object and you can snap that pivot point to other surfaces or lines (

Here’s a quick video I’ve made for you:

Let me know if this helps.


Thank you very much :pray:t3: This is very helpful, and exatcly the general tips I was hoping for, which will help my in many future cases.

One last question would be: is there any way to get snapping to work in this case (I tried moving the pivot point, but still no success), when stretching the length of the wall:

Thank you for your patience! Apologies for the delay.

It seems we need to look into why the snap tools don’t apply on the transform tools. We will do our best to deliver a fix to it sooner than later.

Thanks again for your patience.


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