Help I’m confused

Greetings. After a bit of a break, about a year, I am back to work some projects. Namely a custom desk to my radios. I am posting hear as my belief is I have a problem.

  1. Despite my best efforts in program, users guide, and forums. I cannot locate the Orbit button. My screen is forever rolling. I have reset my IPadPro 2018. No joy.

  2. I am completely lost with the views. All documentation I find says Red axis is X, Green axis is Y and blue axis is Z. In every cad program I have ever used the axis depictions show the axis proceeding in a positive direction. If that is true why am I looking at the blue axis starting at the origin and proceeding down the page and the red axis in its normal position while in the top view? The only view correctly showing the red and green axis in correct position is the front view where I would expect to see the red and blue axis. I am very confused. I greatly enjoy the program. It is a great convenience. Clearly I have been away and something new is afoot. Please help me so I can get to drafting my new custom desk.

Thanks for your help

Hi @Crashsolver,

Welcome back!

  1. the orbit button is pretty visible - it’s the big blue button, and by default, it’s located on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Can you please send us a screenshot?

  2. We haven’t changes the axis order in uMake. I understand some 3D software have a different axis setup. I assume you’re looking from Top view and then see the Z processing down the screen, right? In future updates, we will allow you more control on the direction of the axis.


I don’t see the button, but a pencil. If I press and hold the pencil the screen blanks and I rotate as if pressing the globe button. I just figured this out. The pencil also shrinks. The most recent videos I can find still show the globe.

I am seeing exactly what you stated as it relates to the axis. So the top view is viewing the red and blue axis. Ok ill deal with it. Will take a bit as I have 40 years of cad to erase, :laughing:

haha, don’t erase your 40 years of CAD! :slight_smile:

Because you turned on the “Apple Pencil Mode”, the orbit button’s behavior has changed:

Instead of using the orbit button to rotate the camera, you can use your finger to do it, while the Pencil is used solely for sketching. Here’s a video about it: Learn 3D Design - videos, tutorials and more | uMake

  • We’re currently working on updating all of our videos to accommodate recent and upcoming user-interface changes.

Let me know if this helps.


Many thanks it helps greatly. I thank you for your quick replies. Other companies should follow your lead with great customer support.

In the interest of learning something new, or at least a different viewpoint. Can you explain the logic that has the z axis pointing below the x axis, and the y axis pointing towards the sky, in my mind. I understand a left handed coordinate system, and the right hand coordinate system. Both those systems have z pointing skyward, or at least up and down. This old dog wants to learn new tricks.

Many thanks for your help, and support. I want to wish you and yours the best in the coming year.

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Thank you! We actually intend to change this behavior, because of that confusion you described. It won’t happen right now, but it’s on our roadmap.


Many thanks for your attention and support

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