Geometry welding/tesselation

Hey!, this could be a bug, or possibly just how it is so figured I’d ask.

I have started to understand the basic idea of umake and it’s really awesome/fun to create with. Only thing I’m abit disappointed about is in render view. there are gaps between the surfaces and the geometry can appear low Rez in certain lighting situations. Is this something that can be adjusted for rendering?, etc weld all surfaces together?.

The patches also have a visible hard edge between them, is there a way to make it smooth across?. The hard line is great in some situations, but trying to get a model look like 1 sculpted part is hard when the seams are visible.

Next thing I have tried bevelling/filleting parts to smooth them, but again it tend to break the whole model so maybe it’s not so good on organic shapes?. The bevel could be achieved by manually building the splines that way, but would be great if the fillet could work with it.

Finally I love! the edge view, is there a way to have it visible on top of the rendered view?, sort of like a cool cel shaded outline effect. A way to tag which lines to render and which ones not too would be great. :slight_smile:

Hi @Mark1,

Thank you for this informative feedback. I’ll do my best to answer your comments:

  1. The gap you’re seeing is a technical limitation that’s common in many 3D modeling software. This is not, of course, an excuse, but something we know we will have to fix sometime in the future, but currently not prioritized.

  2. Surfaces welding (smoothing) - that’s something we want to add to uMake, as others requested it. We will try to see if we can add this one sometime next year.

  3. I think what you’re presenting here is a bug, but we need to investigate it further. Would you be able to send us the file (before applying a fillet on it) as .UMK?

  4. Presenting edges in Render mode is something we decided not to support right now, as it adds more complexity. With that said, there’s a workaround it - you can export the same view (slide) without surfaces (hide all surfaces from the View panel) - it will export the lines as an image with transparent background. After that, turn on again the surfaces from the View panel, render and export as a photo.
    In another design app, add the edges only PNG on top of the render - that way, you can achieve the look you mentioned.

Thank you,

By the way, you can do some retouching to the renders using Photoshop or other apps by applying a Gaussian blur/smudge type of tool to smoothen the sharp edges between the surfaces. Not ideal, but it’s a temporary solution until we will support the ability to smooth/weld surfaces.