Generating STL on student version

The results obtained when I am generating a STL are pretty far from the model that I was expecting. Look:

What am I doing wrong?

This is the second image:

PS: Image restriction is a …

Thank you for posting this. Look like an issue with the normal of the surfaces. We will look into that.

Are these surfaces grouped? If so, can you please ungroup, export again and see if this issue still occurs?


Everything is ungrouped

We’ve made some STL export improvements to the regular version of uMake and we need to include it in the EDU. That said, I did try to recreate the model you posted here and it looks different from what you sent.

I used Ultimaker Cura 3D Printing software for that.

Here’s how .STL from the EDU looks like in Cura:

You can see that there are some normals issues on the top surfaces, although, these should prevent you from printing, as this 3D printing software know how to overcome these issues.

This is how .STL from the regular version of uMake looks like in Cura:

As you can see the issues that still exist in the EDU version were solved in the regular version.

We’re working on a solution that would allow students enjoy the regular version of uMake and hope we can release it early next year.

Hope that helps.