Fillet or chamfer problem

Here is a problem I have with the fillet/chamfer feature.
By creating a hole in my model I want to fillet or chamfer the edges of this hole, but I can‘t do it on both sides, because that will only work, when I select one edge.
After fillet one edge, the inner zylinder is devided into four parts. So I am not able to fillet the edge on the other side…

Hi @AndreRichter,

Thanks for posting your question!

Can you please do the following:

  1. Selected the two faces/surfaces of the shape with circles on them
  2. Select the inner surface of the hole
  3. Tap on “Fillet / Chamfer”

This should work for both. Here’s a video:


Thx for this tip, that work for me, but I don‘t understand why the function doesn‘t work when I select only the two edges. Why has this be so complicated?