Fillet, Chamfer & Cut surface feature

Hi Umake team,
I am a CAD/CMA designer. For the last 10 years i am using solidworks professionaly. I am well versed in 3d CAD modelling. I prefer to do solid modelling. But i can do surface modelling as good as solid modelling.

I purchased ipad to utilize my time to do CAD while travelling or to give some qucik presentations to clients while i am away from my pc. For this purpose i searched for CAD programs that can run on ipad. I found many apps, those are good in mechanical type of design work. But i am looking for some that can organic type of modelling, simply can say surface modelling.

Finally i found Umake and find it better than any other apps. I know there is no comparison between solidworks and umake, but i think with few features upgradation Umake will get better. I am getting familiar with Umake and i hope with time i will get use to it.

At very first i suggest if you can add three following features then it will help great to Umake users.

  1. Fillet feauture on edges of closed surfaces.
  2. Chamfer feature on edges of closed surfaces.
  3. Surface cut or trim feature. If this feature add to Umake then life will get somewhat easy. For example if you draw a car door and you need to make window in it then it can simply handle to cut surface with window profile.

These are some suggestions if you can work on.

With best wishes,
Zeeshan Ahmed

Hi Zeeshan (@zeeshaninsight),

Thank you for reaching out and for your feedback! Understanding your background truly helps us improving uMake.

All the three features you mentioned are very high on our “To Do” list. We will get into developing them very soon and we think you’ll like it!

Regarding presentation: Any features you would like to see to help you create better presentations for your clients?

Thanks again!

Hi Evi,

Thank you for your quick feedback. It really sounds good to hear that uMake team already working on the features i mentioned.

Secondly regarding presentation features, right now i haven’t anything in mind as i am exploring uMake. As soon as i feel something i will let you know.

Zeeshan Ahmed

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