File Size Limitation

Hi All

I’m new to uMkae, but so far I’m very impressed. Nice tutorials and great forums!!!

I’m a designer in the BBQ industry and am always on the go either to the factories, trade shows or to the customers. Having this as a mobile tool on airplanes and other places, I see as an advantage.

I’m am concenred about the 25mb file size limitation. With new iPad pros are there any plans to increase this or even some toggle to allow larger files?

How this is possible as many of my projects will exceed this limitation



Hi @PaulSimon,

Thanks for reaching out and for the kind words!

It depends on what file type you import. If it’s an .SKP (SketchUp) file format, we don’t have a file-size limitation, but heavy / large files can definitely affect the performance on the iPad (memory consumption wise).

As for other files formats such as IGES/STEP, it’s a little bit different. Bigger IGES/STEP files means lots of curves and control point and that means many mathematical calculations that would affect the performance of uMake on the iPad.

I would suggest slimming down the files before importing them, for example: removing unnecessary geometry and use only what you need when you travel. I understand it’s not ideal, but might be a good workaround for now.

With that said, would you be able to send us to “[email protected]” an example of a file you want to import into uMake? This will help us determining what’s possible to improve when dealing with files like yours.

Thank you,