Export textured model

Hi all,

I am new to umake and I find it brilliant. However, I am wondering if exists the possibility to export the textured model to be then imported into blender/maya for further refinement. Or at least preserving the plain colours assigned.

Thanks for your help

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Hi @pozzoq,

Welcome to our forum! Thank you for the kind words!

I’ll ask our development team to look into preserving the plain colors in the OBJ export process. As for textures - we don’t have a plan to support it right now, but maybe sometime later this year.

May I ask that is your use-case? How do you use uMake?


Thanks for the quick reply. I use it to produce 3D models of geologic settings (layers, faults and so on) to be used for didactic purposes. To be able to export at least with preserved plain colours and transparency in order to distinguish the various elements (that in my field makes all the difference) will be more than great!

Thanks again and keep up, your app is really worth the cost!

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Thank you for the additional information and context! We will do our best to improve it soon!