Exploding Curves?

New user, exploring this app to see its use in practice. First of probably a series of questions;

I’ve merged some curves to create a closed curve and am now trying to separate them to allow me to use one edge to extrude along a path. Every time I try to disconnect a curve it then recreates the curve with diagonal lines etc. This means I ruined my shape trying to work with parts of it. Cut curve doesn’t seem to work either. Also, if I try to draw a new line along one segment it affects the whole curve even if I’m not trying to join it. Anyway I can just explode?


Thank you for contacting us. Apologies for the slight delay.

The easiest and fastest way to do something like that is by drawing another line that intersects with the original line, so that way you can select a part of the original line and use it to extrude along path.

Let me know if that works for you. Also, please add a video/photo of your drawing, if possible so that I can reproduce your scenario on my end.