Equal space between circles

I’m trying to put equal space between each circle total of 6, I want all gaps between each to be ye same.
What feature will benefit me?

Hi @Liamcorry96,

Currently, uMake doesn’t have a spacing tool, but since you mentioned a circular shape, I think you have two options:

  1. Array tool - the current array tool is a polar array typer, which means it will create copies of the selected element around an arc/circular shape. Here’s more about it: https://youtu.be/CJTyV2fCwhU

  2. Manual copy using the copy tool and pivot point - you can define the pivot point of the selected element (after selecting an object, tap once on the center knob then move it to the define a new picot point https://youtu.be/PLBPCGYeEeQ ) then tap once on the copy tool and start moving or rotating the object with the same value each time to create multiple copies (https://youtu.be/M8Io4DyKQao)

I hope this helps.