Emissive materials + saturation controls

Hey all,

So when I create art, my style is more sci-if futuristic, so lots of little lights/glows etc. (think Tron :wink: ). Is there any plan to implement emissive materials. Allowing us to get strong bright color and also possibly blooming?. So bright white with fresnel/rim of color showing an intense light.

Another thing I have noticed is getting the colors I want is tough, the plain material when set to black it’s not actually black, it’s more dark grey. If I want black the only material that goes that black is the black plastic. I’d love the plain material having a full range of black to pure white. Also having full saturation control. I find all colors are very washed out, getting a specific pink or red or orange generally is a more washed out color. If I pick the preset materials they are more vibrant, could we break down the materials to fully open the saturation across all materials?.

I do LOVE that you create multiple material types, other apps don’t do that. Do good work!.

First, we love TRON too! :slight_smile:

Yes, a big effort on our end this year is to improve anything related to uMake’s rendering feature. Expect many of the things you mentioned to be developed this year, along with other new features.

When we released the rendering feature about 4 months ago, it was only the beginning for us. Soon we will start working on many more enhancements to it.


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Great thanks for the update Evi!

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