Editing in the group in isolated mode

currently modeling of an element / detail in a group forces ungrouping of the group of objects and the effort to regroup them. After editing the detail, select all the elements again and create the group again. This is a big problem at work.

Much time will save you the opportunity to edit a detail in a group without ungrouping.

it’s nice to develop in Blender, i.e. working in object editing mode and using object relations in a group, regardless of editing the group element.

Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more. We have a plan and design to implement such behavior, but it will have to wait a bit since we’re working on couple of other things at the moment. With that being said, be sure it’s on our roadmap.


And this mode of operation it is useful with work on object (one or more selected) as help when editing objects partially obscured in viewport.

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