Editing imported objects

I’m a new Umake user but I’ve been a Blender user for years. I’ve been using Umake to experiment with creating clothing for characters and I like how the app handles the same way Grease pencil does on Blender 2.82

I would love to be able to edit my Obj files in Umake so I can carry over work on desktop and tablet And vice versa. Is that something Umake can possibly explore as a feature?

Hi @JBLinya, welcome!

Thank you for the feedback. Is there any example you can provide? What would be your ideal workflow and what type of editing are you looking for when it comes to OBJ geometry?


Hi Evi,
Thanks for your response!

So for example, I have this character in Blender [ https://imgur.com/SGwXiZi ]and I started working on the dress in Blender. I’d like to be able to export this model and then edit and work on it more in Umake so being able to explode the obj geometry would be so awesome!

I recently uploaded a character and did the clothing on Umake on this project [https://imgur.com/hfxgYlL ] .I am able to export the file as an obj to Blender and work on it more. I would love to be able to bring the obj again to Umake , explode it and edit it (add/ remove faces, move vertices, etc). I hope that makes sense:p

There are a lot of 3D artists that would probably find this ability to edit objs super helpful. I used a lot of other 3D apps on Ipad , but Umake has the most intuitive interface for concept modeling. Great app!

HI @JBLinya,

Thanks so much for the detailed use-case example, this is very helpful.

I’ll discuss this with our engineering team and see what can we do about it. We have plans to improve import/export OBJ capabilities, and this is something we can consider when we will be working on it.

Thanks again!