Editing curve dimensions

I’m trying to draw a 3D model of a house. I draw a rectangle, but when I try to edit the dimensions to get them accurate, the dimension number seems to randomly turn red an can’t be saved. Is there anything I’m missing? The only way it seems I can resize the rectangle is buy dragging the curves, however this is quite inaccurate.

Hi @alesspetic,

Cna you please attach here a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


Hi Evi, I’m trying to set the longer side to 3600.

This is what I see


I see that you’re using the EDU version and from an initial test, there’s a limitation there because of the way these curves were made of. We’re currently not supporting this version (this is why the one-time payment and the very low price).

Are you a student or a teacher?


I’m in fact a university teacher, however I want to use this for a private project, not planning to use it commercially nor in my teaching. I bought the EDU version since I assumed that it’s almost fully featured as advertised and would suffice for me to lewrn about CAd before I buy a full version.

Eventually I don’t mind paying for a full version, but tonstart and to test it out, edu version seemed great. However it’s a bit misleading. I really liked your tutorials, however if I cannot use them with your product it makes them useless.

I’m quite dissapointed since I tried to use it for a while but it seems to be a dead end now. And now you’re saying that you’re not supporting it? How can you than sell it on the App Store?

I think you need to be more forthcoming about your model. This is really misleading:

”The Education Edition version of uMake is almost identical to the original uMake. Some advanced features won’t be available. That said, uMake Education Edition is a very powerful design tool that lets you create complex 3D designs with ease.”


Hi Ales @alesspetic,

Thank you for the feedback. I understand what you mean. We are working on a better solution for students and teachers, so they can use the regular version of uMake. We don’t want to remove the EDU version yet until we have this solution available.

That said, we do have a temporary solution for educators like you. I’ll email you the details.