Easy feature to create a Wall thickness

Hi, I have been using UMAKE ON AND OFF since it was released on IOS. Love the program. Could there be an ease way to Create/specify the wall thickness of an object? I created a prototype design in no time but I can not figure out how to specify the wall thickness. I just bought a Monoprice Mini Delta Pinter. The printer works pretty well. My design has a hole all the way through it. I have tried several time to export my dsign as an .stl file and then import it into Simplify 3D, my slicing program. One, it does not import all of th design only half of what would be the walls show up in Smplify 3D.
I can’t find any video on how to design this task. I tried copping the object as an inner fram then I tried to connect the frames together but this is quite complicated just to add thickness to a wall. Everything else is pretty quick and easy to use. I just discovered the app. Shaper3D. A very similar type of design and feel to UMake. In Shaper3D all that you need to do is draw an inner circle on top of the bigger flat layer circle and then stretcth it to the desired wall thickness. I am currently printing out a test cylinder object print with only a few minutes learning Shaper3D. Try this out something very similar is what needs to be implemented here.
In conclusion, a easy way to create a wall thickness in UMake is very much needed.

Hi @Jmgerard,

Thank you for your feedback!

Are you referring to creating a wall using the Push & Pull feature? Like in this video: uMake: 3D Design & CAD Modeling for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Please let me know if that helps.