Drawing onto another curve that framing a surface - breaks surfaces

so ive been having a tricky time lately finishing some models. i generally get a good shape, fill in the surface and then want to move onto adding more lines/surfaces to finish the sides-top-bottom etc… however by doing so i break my model all the time.

Whenever i add a new curve and finish it onto a finished surface. so draw a line connecting it to the previous surface, it will distort and break the surface its connecting too.

I can prevent this by grouping the original surface and its edges and then it wont break. however by doing so i cant snap to it anymore. so id have to roughly float the new surface and curves close to the original as i cant snap onto it anymore.

to get around this i have to duplicate the group. take the new copy, ungroup it, delete everything inside except the curve i need to snap too, then draw/place my sketch plane points on this new curve.

Could we have a way of snapping to other curves, but not have them intersect / cut / weld when i create new lines. by having to combine/cut the curves it breaks my surfaces making creating multi surface objects really challenging to do.

A possible toggle - “do not slice when snapping to a curve while drawing”.

let me know if that doesnt make sense. if there is a better way of doing this please let me know :).

Snapping while drawing (or while moving for example) to a group should work. Maybe the layer that the group is on is locked?

The workflow you mentioned of grouping the surfaces object so it won’t intersect with the lines is right. I’m not sure why you don’t see the snap guidelines. While drawing, did you “hover” on the surfaced grouped object until it reveals its control points that you can snap to?

With the update that will be released after the upcoming one, snapping would be much easier.

Let me know if the layer was locked or not, as it should show you the control points of a group so you can snap the object to them.