Disconnect function doesn't work

I just follow the tutorial to draw a bracelet,when I touch the button “disconnect” as the tutorial says ,but didn’t work ,please fix this bug ASAP,thanks!!!

Hi @dsaqwewu,

Sorry about that. It’s a bug we just found out about. Thank you for letting us know we will fix it soon.

In the meantime, what you can do is to create 2 curves that will split the circle and then erase all the curves that intersect with the circle, so at the end, you would have an open circle.

Here’s a quick video on how to do it:


Let me know if that helps.


Dear Team,
I found the ‘Split’ button to disconnect doesn’t appear after downloading Playground or Texture.
My solution at this moment is to re-install the app to have the ‘Split’ button appear.

Hi @Aldhis,

Thanks for the heads up. I just tried and couldn’t reproduce. Can you please specify which element from the playground did you try to split?


Dear Evi,
On my case, I found that when I just install the app and open new project, the Split button properly appear.
However, when I follow the tutorial for example on the Foot Bridge where we require to download the texture (I download the ‘modern plank’), I am unable to make the ‘Split’ button appear again.
It is also on the case when I just install the app, and then immediately download many Playground, e.g. Transportation, Architecture, then the ‘Split’ button don’t appear. Apologize as I can’t specifically point out which Playground / Texture item trigger this.

Dear Evi,
I’m happy to report that the bug related with disconnect (Split) is now gone with 2.5.1 version. I have download all the Playground and Photo (texture, etc.) and the Edit Curve works properly.
Thank you and good job with the new update.
Note though, you have to uninstall current version then re-install with new 2.5.1 version for this. Direct update to 2.5.1 will resolve the app crashes many times.

Thank you for letting us know, @Aldhis! This is very helpful.

Hi @evi,
I’m sorry but i have to report that this ‘split’ Issue is back when I’m doing Desk Lamp tutorial. The way to fix it now only by re-install the app. I have sent the log earlier, but would like to share my opinion, i.e. is it possible that this is caused by the way we choose a ‘point’ in editing curve? I’ve read your bugs in this forum and also the version history notes in App Store, and seems that there was an issue regarding tapping the control point.
I’m guessing the ‘split’ is disappearing because somehow the app can’t detect the pencil is actually tapped directly above the curve instead only on the dotted line.

Hope this help.