Disable-able curve cut, and manual curve cut

I’d very much like the ability to temporarily disable the automatic curve cutting (upon intersection).

Sometimes, when working on a curve cage, I’d like to leave my master sweeping curves intact while I draw various cross sections. As it stands, drawing the cross sections chops up the master curve because I’m snapping ends to it. While I might want chop up the larger curve later, it’s not always the case that I want to. Therefore, I’d like to be able to turn the auto cutting off in times I am working this way.

To complete the workflow, I also would then need the ability to execute “curve cut” operations when I feel it’s time to do so. In a traditional NURBS patch modeling workflow, I’d select the curve cage curves, and then execute “intersect curves” on them, which would find all the intersections of the selection (within tolerance) and cut them up.

Yes, agree, as mentioned in: uMake: 3D Design & CAD Modeling for iPhone, iPad and Mac

I will add this configuration to our backlog and see if we can easily implement it. As for executing “intersect curves” - that would probably be a more advanced feature, but we would have to think about a better way to allow trimming these intersections easily / no efforts.

Currently, if you select curves, and tap on the “Cut” option (top-left corner of the bounding box), it will disconnect that selected curve(s) from any curve that is intersected with them, so when you move/resize/rotate the curve it won’t affect any of the curves.

Maybe that’s not exactly what you’re looking for right now, but a good workaround.

Thanks again!