Cut Section (plane) / Section Box

Hi! My name is Mauricio and first of all i want to say thank you for bringing this really useful App to Ipad!

I work in a BIM environment so i design complex projects using mainly Revit from Autodesk. I was looking for a tool where it can be easy to me showing some sketches that i can do while I’m not with my desktop or laptop. In that way this tool adapts really easy to me because of the simplicity to create and edit a 3D model. I can make a quick Arquitectural or estructural sketch to show the stakeholders while I’m moving on.

Once i said this, i would love to see one feature that is crucial to me: Section Box or Cut Section. I would really like to be able to cut with a plane the sketch that i make in Umake, in this way i can show the inside to my clients and even show some measures of what I’m designing. That would be an useful tool and it would let us to have a better control of the 3d models.

I hope you find this suggestion useful, thanks again for this powerful app for iPad Pro.


Mauricio Yaringano

Hi @Mauricioyp,

Thank you for the kind words! Your feedback truly helps to improve uMake.

The ‘Section View’ feature is definitely on our roadmap. We’re trying to get a few other basic features before developing it, but rest assured, it’s something we will add to uMake sometime soon.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks again,