Crashes with version 2.5

I am getting constant crashes with the current version.
Whenever I select anything that is not a surface it crashes.

Hi @Rican499,

We’re sorry for this experience. We’re submitting a new update with a fix to these crashes to the App store right now.

We hope it will be available later today.

Thank you and our apologies.


Hi @Rican499,

We just released a hot fix to uMake (version 2.5.1). It might take a few minutes up to hours to sync in the App Store, where you can find it under the ‘Update’s tab in the App Store app.

Our apologies again.



Dear Team,
I am upgrading to 2.5.1 directly and still have crashes.
It seems that you need to uninstall the app then re-download to the 2.5.1 version to get all works properly.
Hope this help.
Also want to mention thank you and great job with the new version. So far the main bug of disconnecting a curve (Split) has disappeared and everything works great.

Thanks for letting us know, @Aldhis! Our apologies for the crashes issue.