Coordinate System

I wonder why this has not yet been discussed:
Please adjust the coordinate-system accordingly to our universe.

uMake’s layout drives s.o. mad who is used working with common CAD-applications, such as AutoCAD, Allplan, VectorWorks or C4D (or anyone who remembers school).
Simplified, it is wrong. The layout always is based on the attached version - no matter if Cartese or Geode.
It limits workflow and thus productivity, so fixing this issue would highly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Dr_Onte,

You right. Our apologies for that.

We will prioritize this issue (switching the Z & Y-axis), so we can make drawings more compatible with other 3D modeling software.

Let me know if that helps.


Wow, thanks!

I did not expect THIS reaction -
(as I am used to the opposite result for over one year now from a company for professional DJ-Hardware I bought - quite expensive, aiming for competition with the market leaders, but not fulfilling the product-specs still stated online :triumph:) -
But certainly not THAT fast! Highest respect for your work!

As I am using uMake for a couple of hours now, I noticed one more thing in this context - see video in link:

Using the “Mirror” - tool the context-menu shows the CORRECT axes and colours (which itself is quite confusing when displaying the axes in the drawing), but the result always seems to be some kind of gambling…

Hey @Dr_Onte,

Right! The icons are correct but the axis confusion is part of legacy code. We will definitely change it as soon as we can. I already opened a ticket about it and we hope to solve it sooner than later.