Context menu in texture tool

I am just starting off, so it may be an operator issue not with the app. When I drag a texture to a surface, it places fine, but nothing comes up for a contextual menu, Iike what the help video shows. So, I can not make any adjustments to scale/orientation/etc.

What am I missing?

Same thing happens with the rendering view button. When I choose the rendered view, there is no contextual menu as mentioned in the help video.

Hi @Cleverhuman,

First, welcome to uMake! Thank you for your patience.

Please double-tap on the surface to select it, and then tap on “Edit Photo” from the contextual menu.

As for the rendering contextual menu, do you mean to the rendering panel?

We’re currently working on user-experience enhancements so things will look different very soon, but it will make things simpler and clearer.