Components (object instances)

Everything in a uMake design is a one-off that exists in isolation.

I work mostly with furniture, but many types of models benefit from what Sketchup calls “components”—a logical grouping of objects that are typically repeated throughout a design. Edit a component and all instances of that component change.

So far I really like the idea of going from actual sketches (freehand) to a full-blown 3D model in uMake—there’s really no single software tool poised to support this design lifecycle as elegantly. Details are added and repeat across a design as it gets more sophisticated, and an easy and efficient way to refine these more detailed design elements would be great.

If there’s already a way to do this I’d love to know.

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Yes, this is a big one that we’re looking into. Definitely on the roadmap. We will have to support group editing first, and then we will be able to support this type of feature.


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Look forward to the implementation of this key feature.

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