Close a tube made from an extruded curve

Hi! I’ve created a curve and a circle, and I’ve selected both and extruded the curve with the circle to create a tube along the curve. Once I’m finished extruding th tube is opened on both sides. Usually when you select an open face, you can click on the icon to “close” the face. But in this case this icon is not appearing when I create the tube, how can I create a closed tube? (in order to print it on a 3d printer)

Thanks and I’m really impressed with the software (I come from Sketchup and blender on pc).

Hi @Alvaro_Anakin

Our apologies for the delay! Thank you for your patience.

Currently there’s no option to close the edges of the tube, so that will require an extra step:

select the original shape/profile and tap ‘Copy’ then drag the shape to the edges of the tubes. We’re aware this is not the ideal or precise solution and will do our best to provide an easier solution for this.