Circles have flats on Extrude

Been using umake for about a year. As a backdrop, I’ve used AutoCAD since r13 (yes windows95) But found umake a natural move, I’ve accepted the limited functionality between Pro CADs, in exchange for the way I can draft sketch and build quick 3D objects. Eg. Never minded when I zoomed in on extruded circles to see the cylinder extrusion is make up of multiple flats - assumes it was rendering bug. However since last 2 weeks I’ve been 3D printing from umake STL files. AND now these flats are being translated to the STL files and all my cylinders are now polygons rather than pure smooth circles.

Not sure I’m the first to discover this, a fundamental flaw or a very easy bug fix - hope it’s the latter - otherwise will I may have to move to Shapr3D

Added screen shots of a simple container.
You can see all the flats , even more so when zoomed.

Thank you for the feedback, @MrT!

I will check this with the team and will get back to you.


Any update on this, assuming it’s a quick fix .?

@MrT we’re still trying to figure out what happened in the past 2 weeks that is different than before. Can you please send us the UMK file you showed us here to “[email protected]”?


Hi I’ve emailed the umake file-
However it’s not just that file, it’s on all circle extrusions.

Any updates…?

Sorry for the delay, @MrT - we haven’t found any changes made in the past two weeks. We always had this rendering issue, as it’s common in most 3D software out there.

With that being said, we decided to improve our export quality and let you choose how many polygons you would like to have in the exported file.

As for when this will be available, we’re currently working on some other improvements right now. We hope to start developing this enhancement in 4-6 weeks. We will do our best to start developing it earlier than this, but it depends on our current development progress.

I know it’s frustrating not to have the solution ready right away, but we ask you for your patience, as we promise to improve and bring you some other great features!


A simple way to achieve this is by adding a Circle 2D primitive.
You have everything except circles or arcs - in most cad software it is standard.
Your devs can then define the resolution. Via number of sides (polygon) OR infinite (smooth)
Saves having to build a whole new export function.

By the way the new Text Edit update has knocked out the use of my Apple Pencil.?,!

Thanks for the feedback! We do support circles and arc by drawing, but you’re right, we should add this type of shapes as part of our creation tool, and we will later this year! :slight_smile:

As for the Text tool - not sure how it can cause any issues with the Apple Pencil. Can you please describe what happens?


Rebooted iPad after update and working well now.

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