Check connection between nodes

Good morning,

I sometimes struggle to connect nodes from different lines and perform some surface creation. It would be good to toggle a “node view” in order to check topology and eventually color code the dangling nodes and those that acre correctly joined. This would save a lot of time when trying to create a surface.
It would be also good to split/join intersecting surfaces with union/subtraction buttons

Thanks for the suggestion @pozzoq!

Actually, we had an idea to do something similar in the past, but we didn’t have the time to get to it.

Maybe color coding would be helpful - would you like to see a switch button that marks all edges that are not connected with a red dot, or something similar?

As for join/split intersecting surfaces with union/substruct commands - it’s on our roadmap, but we won’t be able to release it soon.


Hi again,

Yes as you said a switch that marks all the connected/unconnected edges will be more than enough.

Look forward also to Boolean operations between solids/surfaces!

Thanks again

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