Change height on one side of a container

I wanna have the height of this container 250 cm in the front and 230 cm in the back so the roof tilts so that the water will go off. I have tried to ungroup and draging the points but the heights still the same.

Any suggestions?

Hi @SweNick

Thank you for posting here your question! Hope all is well.

It depends on how you built the design, but based on what I see in the photo, it looks like you’ll only need to move up the frontal roof edges of the container by 20cm (assuming the current height is 230cm).

This is how I would do it:

  1. Ungroup if needed
  2. Select the corners edges of the roof
  3. Move them by 20cm up
  4. Adjust all other components (scale up the front columns + move up the edges cappings 20cm as well)

If you want to, I can look into the file, you can post it here or send it to us at ""

Let me know if this helps.