Chamfer feature on objects

Hi. I’m new to uMake but not to 3D design,I was using several programs and apps and in all of them I found the chamfer & fillet features working on objects. As far as I can see there’s no chamfer option on objects in uMake? I only found it on shapes. Is that correct?. If so, are you planning to add that feature to the product? I’m sure users will appreciate it very much, starting by me. :slight_smile:
So far, it looks like a great product!

I guess I was wrong… My first try was with a circular object and did not work (or I don’t know how it works). After I while I kept trying with a rectangular object and it looks like it works (on the edges). I’ll keep trying with circular (cylindric) objects… any advise will be welcome…

Hi @alexmake

Thank you for contacting us and welcome!

Chamfer/Fillet tool is available for both 2d shapes and 3D object (planer surface only for now) In the following weeks we will release an update with support for 3D surfaces (non-planer, like cylinder).

Let me know if this helps.


Great! Thanks.