Can't start a new project

Just downloaded the app and there is a plan of a house, I want to design a go-kart but when I press the (+) icon (I tried every + icons I could see) the app asks me to load a file from my documents but I don’t have any, how do I start a new blank project? (iphone 7+, latest ios)

Hi @Maxim,

Thank you for reaching out!

The iPhone version of uMake is meant to help you view (only) the designs you created using the iPad version of uMake.

Currently, it’s possible to create a new drawing only on the iPad, while the iPhone is a complimentary app for people who want to view their designs while away from their iPad.

Do you have an iPad?


I am on an iPad and I cannot start a new drawing either. Even though I have a year subscription, it keeps thinking that I don’t and offers me a free 14 day use, and when I say “yes” it says that I already have a subscription. What is the magic incantation I must use in order to make the application work properly?

Hi @Timster84,

Thanks for writing us.

Did you try to tap on the "Restore Subscription"link? (bottom-right corner of the subscription screen).

What does it say?


OK…thank you very much. That fixed it but how would I know to hit such a small tiny little link? It doesn’t make sense to restore a subscription that I hadn’t lost. Maybe you should put something on that pop up window that clues someone in so we don’t have to waste your time. I cannot believe I was the only one having this issue, but thanks.

Or maybe have it on one of the start up videos in the app

Thanks for the suggestion @Timster84! We will add a better indication on how to restore subscriptions, that’s a good suggestion.

Sometimes the connection to the App Store is lost, so Apple requires you to identify again in order to use an app you subscribed to it in the past.

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Cannot start anything
I can’t touch the buttons
I’m on my iPad

Hi @Rinny-07,

To use uMake, you have to subscribe to one of the plans first. You can try uMake for 14 days free trial if you subscribe to the 12 Months plan. You can cancel anytime during these 14 days if uMake is not a fir for you.

Tap on the “Try Now For Free” button on the bottom of the screen to see the subscription page.

Hope it helps!