Cannot extrude a 2D basic shapes - from elements


I tried to extrude a drawing done using the pen.
when I draw, it change my drawing by something more smooth. then, I can extrude my shape.

if I select an elements in the menus, in 2D basic shape ( let say the Heart ) : I Cannot extrude it.

is it a bug ? limitation ? why ?

thanks for any help ( my first day under Make, I come from Shapr3D )

best regards,

Hi @ormaa,

Thank you for reaching out! Hope all I swell.

Can you please specify which element did you try to extrude?

The Extrude tool works on lines only (not surfaces or grouped objects).

In general, each element imported into the canvas from the library appears as a ‘Group’. For shapes with lines, you should ‘Ungroup’ the element first so you can select the lines and extrude them.

There are two type of elements in the library:

  1. Native uMake elements - these elements consist of lines and surfaces. As I mentioned above, make sure to ungroup the element so you can select the surfaces or the lines separately.

  2. Non-native elements - these elements were created outside of uMake and consist of surfaces only (no lines). You can apply limited tools on them (array tool, copy, mirror, move/rotate/scale).

Let me know if this answers your question. You can upload a screenshot / video showing what isn’t working for you as well.


Hi Evi,

the element that I try to extrude is the one in the screen shot attached.
I think that as you said, it is a picture, not an element usable in a 3D modeler.
I took it in Elements, shapes menu…

so bad for me, I found the idea of having some basic 2D shape ready for extrude - join - cut etc…
a good start when you try to design objets.

anyway, thanks for your help.
best regards

@ormaa This shape is ready for extrude. Make sure to select the shape, then tap ‘Ungroup’ then tap once on the surface of the shape and pull it by dragging the surface out (to extrude); OR select the lines of the shape and then tap ‘Extrude’ and drag to extrude.

thanks so much. I believe that this application need more time to get all gesture, and secret.
no problem then, I will spend more time

your video help me , thanks

i will continue, i am creating a nice object, and thos forum is amazing with so many help

best regards

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