Can’t zoom in beyond certain point while in isometric side view


  • Follow along with the “Ring” 1-day course, part 1 to ~4:00 mark (Draw circle, place ‘diamond’ shape, draw initial ring profile curve)
  • Switch to isometric side view
  • Zoom in

Here, the zoom gets “stuck.” I can zoom out without issue, but I can’t zoom in past a certain point. If I rotate the view away from isometric, I can zoom in just fine.

See attached video below. I turned on Assistive Touch to make it a little clearer what gesture is being performed, but it also repro’s without Assistive Touch.

Also note that I couldn’t get this to repro with other designs. Conveniently, it still repro’s after round-tripping as stp, attached:
ZoomStuck.stp (435.8 KB)

Operating System

  • System: iOS 13.6.1
  • System Build: 17G80
  • Kernel: Darwin 19.6.0

Device Information

  • Device: iPad Pro
  • Device ID: iPad7,3
  • Model: J207AP

Hi @aefortner,

Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful feedback!

It looks like you used the “Fixed” grid spacing settings, which will limit to you to 1mm (which is why you can’t go beyond that when you’re in orthographic view).

Can you switch back to “Adaptive” and try again?


Switching to Fixed was an attempt at a workaround. I get the same behavior from Adaptive.

I also tried all the other unit options and got the same behavior. It appears as though the coordinate options are purely visual and that the zoom restriction is baked into the underlying (opaque?) coordinate system.

Yes, we have a zoom level limitation, regardless of the type of grid spacing. It’s to avoid many edge cases around zoom levels that create more complex experience for you. In this case, I think you sketched the design in an extended zoom level.

I suggest selecting all objects in the canvas and scale the up enough so you’ll be free to zoom in and add additional details that require smaller grid units.

Let me know if this helps.