Can,t 3d print correctly

Hi Team!
I,m using your full year app only for 3d printing enviroment.

I,m unable to print any of the model i maded.

I tried meshlab, meshmixer,fusion360 and all curas old and new ones.

Whould anyone be so kind to make a tutorial for repair or convert nurbbs surfaces in a good way for make useful your app for 3d prints until you team make it possible from the app please?. Is the second month try and error wasting time and material and i,m so frustrated. Rhinoceros and netfabb are highly cost software and i,m a home hobbiest. Thanks.

Hi @Ajlopez,

Thanks for reaching out.

Would you be able to send one of your designs to “[email protected]”?


If I create a simple planar object by drawing intersecting curves in a side view, and then use push/pull to give it thickness, you’d think you could just export that as an OBJ or STL and import to a slicer, to 3d Print it. However, this doesn’t work. The reason, is because the mesh uMake creates is not water-tight. Which is necessary for most 3d slicing software to slice the mesh.

The reason being: It’s creating 5 surfaces. Two are the “caps” which are planar trimmed surfaces. And the remaining 3 are 4 sided extrusions of the original curves.

These surfaces are in no way actually part of the same mesh. The vertices along common edges are not fused together. And further, the “cap” surfaces don’t even have co-incident vertices with the other three extrusions, because they’re a usually a rather low-res tesselation of a trimmed surface.

This is why I have been working so much in a 4 sided “patch” mentality in earlier threads. Because at least then, I can force resulting vertices to be co-incident, and I can fuse them (in external software).

Since u-make is absolutely NOT a solid modeler, it’s a NURBs patch modeler by process of elimination. Which is why I work that way. Which perhaps answers the OPs question about workflow for 3d printing. I have 3d printed models designed in uMake, but only by working in the way I describe.

Thank you for posting this @Leith.

Can you please share here:

  1. How do you think we can improve exporting to 3D printing?

  2. Work that you created in uMake and 3D printed?

Thank you,

This thread might have insight into the problems I’m having.

For example, let’s pretend I’m creating a very simple ring. Draw a circle, push/pull to create a cylinder, draw a smaller circle on the flat surface of the cylinder, push/pull to create a hole. Now you have a ring.

Unfortunately, exporting an STL and importing to Cura does not make for a successful print. The two flat surfaces of the ring do not exist according to Cura.

What am I doing wrong? How do I do this right?

@fab1452, we’re aware there are a few issues related to normals when exporting to STL/OBJ and importing into software like Cura for 3D printing. We have plans to improve it very soon (next couple of weeks). We will reproduce your case on our end to make sure we solve it as well.


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