Boat hulls from drawn lines

I have the lines for a boat. (So a drawn vertical cross section through the hull every x mm). Anyone with more experience have a strategy for adding a smooth surface to these ribs, to sheathe them and create a hull? I’m new to this 3D stuff, but have worked through the manual and tried a number of things…

Hi @Ianlawrence,

Thanks for posting your question. Can you please attach a screenshot of your design? Maybe @DesignTactic could help.


So not a design as yet. But the idea is space out the lines in one plane and then be able to skin them in another? I can sometimes take a pair and create a surface between them, so perhaps proceed pairwise, all the way up the boat, then glue the surfaces together somehow? Or is there a more cunning plan?

Look like you have the idea . making a smooth surface takes a lot of practice. Best thing I can suggest is to Ignore sloppy surfaces at first until you get the hang of it. Practice and experiment with ribbing.let me see if I can figure out how to up load some picture that might help

You can see here one of my first attempts

Took some time before I could do something more smooth like this

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Many thanks for the encouragement, getting there slowly.

Won’t float, but getting there. A big breakthrough for me was almost accidentally discovering that you don’t need an enclosed area to form a surface…pairs of adjacent contour lines seem to do the trick (hint to video creators or manual writers).So for another day now, I can already think of how to make a less leaky boat…

Fewer leaks…this is beginning to make sense

Thanks again @DesignTactic

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