Blender OBJ groups

Before commiting to yet another subscription (which adds up quickly btw) I want to make sure, umake is the right tool for the job.

i have some designs in umake and I group them for each object. i then export as OBJ and import into the latest blender (mac, high sierra). unfortunately the groups are not recognized and i end up with around 800 objects which makes working in blender with this impossible and cumbersome.

so: does umake export obj with groups? if so why does blender not accept those? if no: what other export can I use.

without grouping umake is pretty much useless to me. as I read somewhere else: exporting colors in obj does not work yet. when will it work, any ETA on this?

thanks for making an otherwise good tool.

Thank you for writing to us, @jensgruen!

As for groups when exporting to OBJ - I’ll check that with our developers and explore this addition. If it’s an easy addition/something we can do in a short amount of time, we will add it to our upcoming tasks.

Same thing for preserving colors when exporting to OBJ.

Thank you for your patience.


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Count me in to this request. I am on one month to evaluate for a yearly sub. At least I tried OBJ, IGES and STEP (I usually work in STEP)

None of those formats I have been able to keep layers, all ends up in one singel default. (As selecting a cube equals 6 dubbel click this becomes an impossible task and would make further work, mostly material settings plus rendering, impossible).

As a beginner I may have missed something that already is fixed?


I asked this question 1 year ago. besides the boilerplate answer that you will find on a lot of other feature requests in this forum by the developer, nothing has really changed.

I use Autodesk Formit instead. It’s free and does basically the same thing as umake for years. If you download the model through their web interface after modeling on the iPad as obj, all groups, objects, colors and even materials are intact in blender.

free, better, faster.

Thanks for input.

Sorry to hear the lack of progress, the buy would be a no-brainer if this worked. I will probably drop this app then. Sad as I really liked the renderings.

I mainly wanted to make good-looking renderings locally on iPad where I work in Shapr3D. I also tried Nomad, works good but only one solid body at time.

(In MacOS I use FormZ (sometimes EIAS) and Maxwell Studio over farms.)

Hi @jensgruen and @BKE

Thank you for the feedback. We haven’t ignored your request. Exporting groups in the OBJ file format is something we want to support, but it also involves some other core-aspects of the app, which take a bit longer than expected.

I’ll follow up with the uMake developers team to see what’s the status of this request.