Best way to put some objects together

I want to create a surface that consists of several hexagons. Hexagons have the peculiarity of having very broken dimensions in one direction.

How can I merge two rows of hexagons so that the lines actually lie on top of each other? Otherwise, I have lines that are double everywhere and I can not work with them. In my picture rows 1 and 2 are supposed to join each other. The right outer line of 1 and the left outer line of 2 should become one line.

If it doesn’t work, how then?

hm, I think I found a way. I made a line between both hexas, looked for length of line an moved the right column of hexas exactly this lenght.

EDIT: No, that way doesnt work everytime. Sometimes two lines remaining. Seems to be not precise enough.

Hey @BTTony,

Thanks for writing to us!

Have you tried grouping the rows? When grouping objects, when lines intersect each other, they won’t merge in any way.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Group one or both of the rows
  2. Re-position the pivot point of row 2 group, for example, to be located on one of the far-left edge lines
  3. Drag the row 2 group and let the pivot point snap to row 1 right edge lines

Let me know if this helps.