Apple Pencil 2 shortcut

Hi Team,

With Apple Pencil 2, we can now tap the pencil for certain use, e.g. change to eraser mode in Notes.
I believe this can be very useful for uMake. One that I often need is the lasso mode. I like to design on my bed and find that having my other hand to hold the lasso button is sometime a bit hard to do.
My initial suggestion is to have the lasso mode being locked instead need to tap n hold, but it would be much better if we could use the Apple Pencil 2 feature for this.
It will be even better if the pencil feature also have several options, e.g. switching Apple Pencil on/off, changing current view (rotating from front to top,etc.), open up options/menu mode, etc.


Thank you for the suggestions, @Aldhis.

This is definitely on our plan.

Thanks again,

Hi Evi,

While waiting for the Apple Pencil 2 shortcut, is it possible to have the ‘multiple selection’ tool locked by double tapping or tap hold the button? I tried to get used with two hand working to select multis, but would really love to able use just one hand for doing the design.


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Thnks, @Aldhis - I added it to our roadmap. In case it’s something that we consider as ‘easy’ we will try to develop it sooner than later.