All rendering bugs I found

Hey guys, here are some issues I found when attempting to use the rendering:

Firstly, I lose my background every time I close the render+ the menus:

Ambient occlusion/contact shadows do not respect the surface material. So in the example below the floor is black rubber however the contact shadow is grey-white, which would be correct if the surface was a pure white… as is it looks like the car is emitting light, not the result that would be wanted.

The ground shadow function appears to be set at 1 specific location in the scene. I didn’t know this and built above the ground level, when I tried to move my car I broke it permanently.

That’s a lot :slight_smile: let’s break it down:

  1. The disappearing background color - probably a bug, but one that shouldn’t happen with the upcoming version (we simplified things) - we will look into it

  2. Contact shadow - I think this happened because of the environment map, which has many Grey to it. We’re soon going to support multiple environment maps, so in this case, another environment map, which has more black to it, will make the black runner reflect the black env map rather than the grey env map.

  3. Ground shadow height - the way things work now is that the ground shadow will be placed beneath the object positioned below everything else - so I assume that the circular floor takes all the ground shadow in your case. At the same time, you left with the car shadow that casts over the circular floor. What would be the ideal outcome, in your opinion?

In the upcoming update, we will allow you to set the shadow’s opacity level, along with reelection settings.

Group breaking - not sure how that happened. Maybe the lines were in a different layer while the surfaces on others, and then everything got a bit crazy? :slight_smile: