Alignment with other object (without touching the curve)

Hi Team,

It would be better if uMake have some kind of ‘alignment’ feature where we could snap to it (of course also able to turn it on/off).
The idea is to make it snap aligned with other object without touching the curve.
Trying to describe it with below screenshot.


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Easier alignment tools are on our roadmap. That said, using the pivot point, you’re able to align the shape however you want to any object/edge.

Hi Evi,
Good one. I’ll try using the pivot first.

I’m searching around for comprehensive overview of how these snap tools are supposed to work/be used. Now I see something about “pivot point” to align objects and that snap type is not listed in the UI the app anymore. I watched the video tutorial that suggested “trying out the different types of snap” but i can’t observe a real difference between them or predict the behavior as multiple snaps are enabled or disabled. For instance, are “Endpoint”, “Midpoint”, “Center”, etc. subsets of “Any Point”? I think might be useful to have a tutorial with basic 2D and 3D shapes and how they can be positioned in relation to each other using the different snap tools and the “modes” that result from the various possible combinations.

And now I am noticing the same icon in the snap tools at the bottom but in a different category called “Selection Box”. And I can’t find any documentation or forum discussion of “Selection Box” so I don’t know what that is and how it might be related to snapping.

H @Solo-with-others,

Thank you for the feedback! We will improve our snap tools video:

In the meantime, here’s a quick overview:

  1. When you select an object, you will see a pivot point - that point will be the one that will snap based on your snap configuration.

  2. Let’s assume you created a rectangle: when you select it - the pivot point will always be in the center of it (every time you select an object), but this can be changed.

  3. To change it, tap once of the pivot point, and drag it to the top-right corner for example. Now, all the snap option will refer to that point when you move, rotate, scale the object(s).

As for “Selection Box” snap tools - these are a legacy type of snap tools. Now that you have the pivot point, you don’t really need them as you can snap the select object to any point of the 3D/2D object in most cases.

The only time it will be valuable for you is when the ‘Snap to Grid’ option if OFF, and then you want to snap the selected object to the center of the bounding box/selection box, let’s say of a curve: