Add edges to surface to create another surface, aka “filling holes”

Hullo :smile:

So I’m clearly going about this the wrong way and was hoping for a nudge in the right direction.

I created a shape and then selected pieces of it to put into groups and layers. For example making a shelf. In the pic/link below, you can see that the beveled board simply resulted in a hollow shell. No problem right? Just select the edges and create a surface. Excellent, but the other side has no edges. I assume when I created my initial shape, and grouped and separated everything, that these edges are now part of another group. What’s the most effective way to add these edges back to the existing surfaces, so that I can then create another surface to close up this shape? I’ve tried various snapping options in order to sketch in new lines, but nothing seems to line up properly with the edges of the existing surfaces.

Is there a way to tell a surface that I would like it to have edges?

Any suggestions?


Alright… so let’s just draw some lines back… but no luck… see image below.

For what seems like it should be a simple task, I’m quickly getting discouraged.

Hey @DZ61113!

Thank you writing to us.

Would you be able to share the .UMK file here? This way I could reproduce the issue you might have and help better in this case.


Hi Evi,

I hope this uploaded properly. It kept seeming to export as a zip file. Please let me know if there are any issues.

As per the screenshots, I did my best to document what was going on, and being still rather new to the app, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that this is a user error.

Anywho… good luck and let me know what you think.


model.umk (11.8 KB)

Thanks, @DZ61113! I see some bugs in this drawing. We will look into it and fix any issues in our next update.

In the meantime, I would suggest creating a new drawing and starting over - there might be some conflicts within the drawing you sent, so I would recommend starting a new one.


@DZ61113 The reason this happens is because the line you’re drawing is being connected to a another line that exist on a layer that is hidden. I would recommend turning on that layer and trying to re-draw the line.