Action Cards Obstruction

So as I re-familiarize myself with uMake I have encountered an issue several times. I find myself working on a project and while in action card view I needed to change snaps mode, snap to grid. With the action card open I cannot see the snap to grid button. It is hidden behind the card, even when it is minimized. I have to stop my action, set the snap, then re-enter my action.

Is it possible to move the snaps, or move the action card? I did like the old interface before action cards. Old habits die hard.

Marry Christmas and thanks for your support.

Hi @Crashsolver,

Happy Holidays! I hope you’re doing well.

I understand the frustration, and you’re right. We’re gradually releasing the user-interfaces changes, and some elements will conflict in this transition. With that said, we’re close to finishing the next user-interface update, and the issue you’re experiencing right now will be solved once we release it.

How often are you using the snap tools? Which device are you using?



I am currently using a 2019 iPad Pro. Wish I had gotten the 12 inch, but I’m still able to do what I want. I use snaps all the time. I don’t free hand draw. Though this program certainly makes it fun. I am older and my hands are not as steady as they once were. Using my finger or pen, I find my points moving from where I want them as I am raising the finger or pen. I am usually dealing with real world measurements and need my lines to meet as intended. I am used to entering 3D coordinate values and then playing connect the dot, depending on the program I’m using. I either manually enter them or download them from a laser or photogrammetry, when I was working. Now I’m more into the hobby side of things doing wiring diagrams or home projects. I am currently converting my utility room to accommodate my radio shack and need to custom build a desk. While I’m very able to build it on the fly, in this case I have some issues to resolve and find dong a 3D of my room and proposed desk will help to solve my issues. Space and room function is a problem in this room. This is all in an effort to save money.

I hope your holidays were all they could be with you and yours. Many thanks for your support. I am still learning, but having fun doing it.

Many Thanks

Thank you for your reply!

As for movements after raising the finger - it’s common, but we will look into how to minimize this behavior.

We’re working on making the use-case you just described easier and faster, so it will require less time (and money) for you to achieve this result. In the first quarter of 2021, we’re going to introduce many enhancements and new features well.

Thank you again for the feedback and wishing you a happy new year!


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