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I’m a surface designer in Formula 1 and I primarily use DS’ Catia for parametrized surface design. First of all I’d like to give kudos to the UMake team for making this app. In my option it is one of a kind and has a lot of potential for quick concept surface design which is essential in my job. To be honest, this app is the reason why I’ve gotten an iPad Pro. I’ve been using the app from time to time during the last couple of months and it’s vastly improved since. However, it still lacks some essential features that in my opinion are essential for surface design: split and intersect between surfaces. Without those two the app quite often becomes frustrating to use. I’d be happy to give you some detailed feedback from a professional surfacer’s point of view as well as spreading the word among my colleagues but first please add those features. If you are indeed working on it would you be able to estimate when they’d be available?

Many thanks,


Hi JL (@JL93),

First, thank you for this feedback and my apologies for the delay. For some odd reason, your comment didn’t appear on our system.

It’s great to see a Formula 1 designer here - we’re big fans!

As for your suggestions - these two are definitely on our list. Can you please give us a specific example on how would you use split and intersection between surfaces? Do you refer to flat surfaces or 3D/Complex ones?

Thank you,

Hi evi
I fully agree with JL. I work in the development of car lights (catia) and work with surfaces is the basis of all development. All functions related to their editing such as: trimming, cutting, extending the creation of isocurves intersections etc. are very important. working with auxiliary planes that can cut individual surfaces is also very important. I wrote some pieces of knowledge in a new post.

Thanks, @Vitja!

In the past year, we did invest a lot of our time into improving current features rather than bringing new ones. Our goal for this upcoming year is to bring new and powerful features into uMake. We’re doing our best to optimize these sophisticated features to a mobile experience.

I’ll look at your post now and will reply to it as well, but I want you to know that your feedback is important and we’re doing our best to address it and fit your needs to our development timeline.