About chamfering

Hello, I am a Chinese user, I am sorry that my English is not good, please forgive me. This software is very powerful and brings me great convenience. But in the process of using, I also encountered some small problems. For example, when chamfering a cylinder, when I first chamfer one side, there is no problem, but when I operate the other side, I cannot chamfer, as shown below:

Hi @Meng - thank you for contacting us! No worries, your English is great! Feel free to write in Mandarin and we will use Google Translate if it’s easier for you.

As for your issue, I tried to reproduce it but couldn’t see any issue. You would have to select all surfaces to make the other side chamfer/fillet as well.

Here’s how:

Let me know if this helps.


thank you very much! Solved the problem that has troubled me for a long time.:blush:

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I’m happy to hear that, @Meng! :slight_smile: